Pia Hynding Jacobsen
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LAUS (English): Working with operation of electrical installations (ver. 4.0)

Working with operation of electrical installations course details

Do you operate electrical installations in Denmark? According to Danish law you are required to know about the Danish provisions called L-AUS and brush up your knowledge each year.

L-AUS e-learning is the most flexible way to do it.

The participants can after completion of the course independently carry out (L-AUS / The Danish Heavy Current Regulation) tasks and operation on or close to dead/live switchboards, industrial systems and electrical installations. The participants can also assess the safety-related aspects and use, control and maintain the L-AUS tool correctly. The participants get thorough knowledge of applicable legislation, including coherence between the Danish Heavy Current Regulation and EN-50110 Part 1, and also instructions for working on or near dead and live electrical installations. They will also get basic knowledge of relevant first aid related to L-AUS.


Course platform

  • Visually designed course material with text and speak;
  • Short introduction at the beginning of the course;
  • Online support;
  • Personal access code.

Statistics show, that students usually completes this course within 4,50 hours (+/- 30 minutes depending on your own pace and progress).


Do you need help?

Please call our e-learning support lines on (+45) 70 27 64 84 or email us at support@mitkursus.dk.
The phone lines are open Monday thru Thursday 8.00 am - 4.30 pm and Friday 8.00 am - 4.00 pm.



Pia Hynding Jacobsen
Har du spørgsmål? Du kan altid få fat i en af vores medarbejdere
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