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Pia Hynding Jacobsen
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LAUS: EN50110 – Electrical installations

Course in safety when operating and working on, with, or near electrical installations

This course covers working safely in regards to the operation of and all working activity on, with, or near electrical installations (also known as the EN 50110 course – formerly known as the L-AUS course).

  • After completing the course, the participant can perform operations of and work activity on, with, or near electrical installations. The electrical installations cover from extra-low voltage up to high voltage.
  • The participant can assess the safety-related aspects, carry out a risk assessment and use and inspect both suitable tools as well as personal protective equipment.
  • The participant gets in-depth knowledge of current legislation as well as the European standard EN 50110.
  • The participant can work with voltage-free installations, live installations, and work in the vicinity of live installations.
  • The participant gets updated on basic knowledge of first aid in relation to electrical installations.


The e-learning platform

  • Visually constructed material with text and speak (note language variants).
  • Short intro before the course starts.
  • Support available.
  • You log in with a unique password.


The course can be completed with a high degree of flexibility

  • When it is convenient for you.
  • At your pace.
  • Using a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

Do you need help?

Please call our e-learning support lines on (+45) 70 27 64 84 or email us at
The phone lines are open Monday thru Thursday 8.00 am - 4.30 pm and Friday 8.00 am - 4.00 pm.

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