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ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten (OHS Experts)

OHSE – Occupational Health and Safety Experts

We have chosen the name "ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten" because that is what we are - authorized health and safety experts.

OHS, or Occupational Health and Safety, is a multidisciplinary practice dealing with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace, with a strong focus on preventing workplace hazards.

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten is one of the leaders in the industry and has many years of experience and "know-how". You can read more about us further down.

The Best and Popular Courses for You

Our top attendance-based courses

Our most requested training courses for the offshore, maritime and wind industries are

  • GWO - Global Wind Organisation
  • OPITO - Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
  • STCW - Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers

Our top online courses in English

Our top online course in Polish


Being in a good working environment is one of the key elements for your ability to function and develop at work
At ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten we help companies deal with their working environment - partly in order to satisfy legal requirements and avoid penalties - and partly to help them have a grip on the working environment. Companies with a good working environment often stay healthy, both economically and competitively.

At ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten we offer our clients extensive knowledge about all aspects of the working environment and the external environment.

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten makes the hard work easy
Even though a good working environment is important to the entire company as well as for the well-being of the employees – working with health and safety regulations often is considered a "bureaucratic must".

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten focuses on the working environment in an offensive way. It's not about investing more heavily in the working environment, but it pays off to be in control of documentation, rules and plans.

Your benefits of outsourcing OHS to ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten include

  • Safety meets regulatory requirements.
  • Things are made on time - an end to the bad conscience.
  • Follow-up on decisions taken.
  • Your business can concentrate on company strength.
  • Happy employees.
  • Benefits tailored to suit your company and your needs. In other words, you buy exactly what you need. 

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten offers a variety of consultancy services. The list below gives an insight into some of the areas that we are dealing with.

For information on other areas, please contact us at mail@ameksperten.dk or call us at +45 8236 3670.

Our expertise in working areas includes the following

  • General working environment
  • Physical and ergonomic area
  • Chemical area
  • Biological area
  • Psychological field
  • Health and well-being
  • Offshore Safety and OHS
  • Working environment coordination, e.g. on construction sites

Our expertise in external environments includes the following

  • Noise measurements and calculations performed by the Environmental Measurements - noise - the Environmental Protection Agency's certification scheme
  • Acoustics
  • Vibrations
  • Environmental Consulting - including preparation of environmental approvals
  • ”Green” accounting
  • OML calculations
  • Energy
  • Waste management
  • Sewage 

Special Areas - Noise & Acoustics
ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten solves noise and acoustic problems in existing facilities, and we prevent the problems created by new plants. We also carry out inspection/documentation concerning such measurements to meet the demands of the authorities.

We offer

  • Certified noise measurements and calculations.
  • Room acoustics computer simulations.
  • Mapping of external and internal noise.
  • Solutions and action plans for noise reduction.
  • The design of noise abatement measures and management and oversight of manufacturing.
  • Vibration measurements.