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Pia Hynding Jacobsen
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3 days Mandatory OHS Course

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten offers the mandatory Occupational Health and Safety course as a 3-day course

At the mandatory OHS course, you will be equipped to create a better work environment and get an overview of rights, duties, responsibilities, etc. The aim is to provide the OHS group's representatives with concrete knowledge about the working environment.

ARBEJDSMILJØEksperten is one of the leaders in the industry and has many years of experience and "know-how". Sign up for the mandatory OHS course today.

The mandatory OHS course contain 

  • How does the Health and Safety Organisation cooperate in order to improve the work environment?
  • How does the Health and Safety Organisation use the authorities and consultants in the working environment system?
  • What duties and responsibilities do employers, managers, and employees have?
  • How does the working environmental group work with the psychosocial environment?
  • How do you prioritize the work environment in collaboration with management?
  • What makes the safety and health measure an investment rather than an expense?
  • How do you prepare a useful workplace assessment WPA (APV)?
  • What tasks and functions does the health and safety organization have?

You will receive answers to these and many other questions about the work environment during the OHS course.

The OHS course provides an overview of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, employees, safety representatives, and suppliers for the work environment. Likewise, the course provides insight into different ways of tackling health and safety tasks.

Course methods
Working methods alternate between presentations, group work, practical exercises and group discussions. Group work and exercises will be based on both the Work Environment Act and your own experience. There will be opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience with other participants and to work on plans to develop safe work in your company.

When signing up for the course there will be sent course information, program, and homework along with the registration confirmation.

The course takes 3 days, each from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The participants receive a certificate when they have completed the course. Presence during the entire course is mandatory.

  • Education on iPad
  • Add your own notes and comments
  • Course materials and notes are emailed in an overall pdf

The course aims to provide the working environment group representatives a practical knowledge of the working environment and methods of a systematic and targeted approach to promote a safe and healthy work environment at their own workplace. A common feature of the courses is that there can be arranged business courses.

iPad is available by Arbejdsmiljøeksperten during the course.

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For further information please contact
Course coordinator, Pia Hynding Jacobsen, Tel. 8236 3670,

Pia Hynding Jacobsen
Questions? You can always reach one of our employees.
5.500,- excl. VAT
includes course materials , meals and course certificate
With this course you get
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Pia Hynding Jacobsen,
Start date Course Length City Price
09-10-2023(3 days) 3 days Mandatory OHS Course
3 days
København-Hvidovre, 5.500,- excl. VAT 5.500,- excl. VAT Signup
Course Length City Price
06-11-2023(3 days) 3 days Mandatory OHS Course
3 days
Esbjerg, 5.500,- excl. VAT 5.500,- excl. VAT Signup
Course Length City Price
05-12-2023(3 days) 3 days Mandatory OHS Course
3 days
Aalborg, 5.500,- excl. VAT 5.500,- excl. VAT Signup

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