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HOT WORK: Fire measures of spark-generating tools

This course "Fire measures of spark-generating tools" includes

Fire measures of spark-generating tools (also known as the "Hot Work" course).

  • The course participant can assess the potential risks and the safety measures to be taken during hot work, which includes carrying out construction work with machinery and tools emitting sparks or heat, which can cause fire at the workplace.
  • The course participant can carry out hot work with spark-generating tools such as blowtorch, angle grinder, soldering tool, or hot-air gun fire technically correct.
  • The course participant can take necessary fire technical measures before the work is started, arrange the workplace and take measures during the work, which consider fire safety, and can carry out the fire technical rules which apply at the end of work.
  • The course participants can also carry out firefighting at the workplace.

The course is conducted in accordance with the guidelines in "DBI Vejledning 10, del 1, 2 og 3".

Please notice: The course includes a few practical exercises, which you will carry out on your own as "near workplace"-exercises. A module is included in the course, which explains how you easily carry out the practical exercises.

You can complete this course with a high degree of flexibility:

  • Whenever you want to – including evenings, weekends, and holidays
  • At home, at work, or anywhere with access to the internet
  • On PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone
  • At your own pace


Course platform

  • Visually designed course material with text and speak;
  • Short introduction at the beginning of the course;
  • Online support;
  • Personal access code.

Statistics show that course participants usually complete this course within 4 hours (+/- 30 minutes depending on your own pace and progress).


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Pia Hynding Jacobsen
Questions? You can always reach one of our employees.
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